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Resin and Alcohol Ink Art Workshops

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Resin and Alcohol Ink Workshops

In-person workshops on various projects creating with either epoxy resin, or alcohol ink, are offered as below, but are subject to change. All supplies required to create in my workshops are supplied, and included.

About me ….. I have over 8 years experience creating with pigmented resin in art, and I have been teaching resin art workshops for over 6 years in Airdrie, Ab. A bit of background on my resin knowledge - I also previously owned an ecommerce resin art supply distribution business (ArtWorks Resin Canada), for over 5 years, where I sold several brands of epoxy resins, with over 10 types of resins (mostly art related topcoating, craft casting & deep pour resins, developed for a wide array of art projects), plus I carried over 800 colourants (mica powders, epoxy pigment pastes, transparent resin tints, liquid pigments), glitter (regular & glass glitter), mica & iridescent flakes, gemstones, lots of accessories and much more. I closed my ecommerce distribution supply business Sept/2023, and I have gratefully returned to my love of just creating art, along with teaching occasional workshops.

All of my in-person workshops are hosted at MukLuk Magpies Stained Glass Emporium, in Airdrie, Ab. If you are interested in any of the resin workshops or alcohol ink workshops, Please go to Mukluks website, then on their menu bar, click the Workshops tab, then scroll down to see more information about each class that has been scheduled , plus more classes they offer in their studio. More and different workshops are often being considered and added.

Here is Mukluk's direct website link:

To register for a class, contact Mukluk Magpies store (during their store hours shown on their website), by phone at 403-948-0691.

Mukluk Magpies studio is located at:

103, 2966 Main St. SE, Airdrie, AB.

In the resin art workshops, you will learn how to create with pigmented epoxy resin, while creating your own unique pieces to either gift, or use for your own home.

The alcohol ink workshops are a great introduction to working with this medium, in a variety of styles and manipulation methods.

Please NOTE: Epoxy resin takes hours to dry, and pieces will not be ready to go home until after 12 noon, the next business day. The alcohol inks dry quickly, and can be taken home same day (carefully as they continue to cure for up to 24-48 hours). No experience is required for these workshops.

Also note, both these art mediums can be very messy, so dress accordingly with clothing that won’t dangle into or touch creations, long pants and closed toed shoes. You are welcome to bring an apron to wear as well. Epoxy and alcohol ink is not removable from clothes. We will supply nitrile gloves (in 4 sizes) to protect your hands. Also, if you have pets, you might want to use a lint roller prior to class, to remove any pet hair, or fuzz that could fall off & land in your creations.

Upcoming Workshops & Dates Offered:

Resin Charcuterie Cheeseboard Server workshop:

Wow your friends & family with your creativity in this functional art resin class. Michele Donohue will guide you through the process in just a few hours to learn how to create a unique resin art charcuterie serving board. Style of board used in class depends on product availability at time of class. This class we will be using solid Canadian maple paddle boards, that measure 20"l x 10"w x 3/4"d.


Saturday, Sept 7th, 10am-12pm

Saturday, Sept 7th, 1-3pm

Saturday, Oct 19th, 10am-12pm

Saturday, Oct 19th, 1-3pm

Saturday, Nov 30th, 10am-12pm

Saturday, Nov 30th, 1-3pm

Abstract Alcohol Ink Workshops - Various Florals and soon Landscapes as well.

Florals (there will be a variety of different floral styles offered on different dates. Check back on Mukluks workshop page (or here), to see when new classes with different styles are offered).

In the alcohol ink workshops below, we will make abstract floral art pieces using alcohol inks.

Alcohol inks are a fun and expressive medium to explore! This class is a beginner class. All supplies are included! Note: We do use isopropyl alcohol while creating with the inks, so if you have sensitivity to alcohol please be aware. We will practice technique first, then you can create your piece with what you've learned, on 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.


Alcohol Ink Florals - Abstract Roses

Wednesday, July 10th, 10am-12pm

Examples of abstract alcohol ink roses I have created, using the methods you’ll learn in class.

Alcohol Ink Florals - Abstract Hydrangea

Wednesday, July 10th, 1-3pm

Examples of abstract alcohol ink hydrangea I have created, using the methods you’ll learn in class.

Alcohol Ink Florals - Abstract Sunflower, class may be scheduled in the fall or winter. Please advise Mukluks if you might be interested in attending one of these classes.

***more example images to come once class is scheduled likely for fall

This Abstract Loose Florals class ran in April, 2024. Please advise Mukluks if you are interested in us running another workshop with this abstract loose floral style. If there are enough people interested, Mukluks will have a list, and we can schedule a date.


Resin Geode Agate inspired wall art workshop

In just a few hours you will learn how to, and create your own resin geode/agate inspired artwork, on a pre-primed wood panel (canvas style) board. There are tons of colour options available to choose from as well. All supplies needed are included, plus you will have a choice of either available small crystal quartz cluster, or available small agate slice, to use as an accent in your piece. However, if you have a special crystal(s) or agate slice you'd like to include, you're welcome to bring it (them).

Please note resin takes hours to dry and will not be ready to go home until the following day. No previous resin experience is required.


Wednesday, Sept 18th, 10am-12pm

Wednesday, Sept 18th, 1-3pm



Below are Workshop projects we've run over the past 6 years, that we may add again in future. If interested, Please let Mukluks know of any of our previous classes that might be of interest, & they can add you to a list. If there's enough people interested, we can then schedule a date for people to register.

Resin Ocean Beach Wave theme wall art workshops

The resin beach waves are known to be tricky to create with lacing (cells), & can often take a lot of practice. Though no one can guarantee you will create exactly what you want, I do help demystify & guide you through the process to achieving the wave lacing effect on hardwood panels.

Resin on Glass Workshop. In this workshop from about 5 years back, we used glass as the substrate for the beach wave class. We will be working on a different version of this, watch for update soon.

The Resin Bowl Sculpture workshops we've done, requires students doing both a morning, and an afternoon workshop session in the same day. Due to the timing of the resin & sculpting the shape at just the right time. So it would be a full day with two classes involved. We'd start with the bowl in the morning, then finish up the bowl at the end of the 2nd shorter afternoon workshop. If you'd be interested to do the resin bowl workshop along with a 2nd afternoon workshop, please let Mukluk's know to add you to their list. Once we have 3 on the list, we can schedule a date.

Resin Tray Table Workshops . These trays are 17" diameter, and the table height is about 21"h. If there are 3 or more people interested, we can schedule another class.

Round Silver Serving Trays Workshop

Resin Northern Lights wall art workshops.

Extra-Large Tray Resin class

This xLg 21” (53.3cm) diameter serving tray was created as a sample for a resin art workshop. In this workshop, people create on an oversize large tray, in any variety of colours.

Charcuterie Board servers with gemstone embellishments

In this workshop from 2020, in Medicine Hat, Alberta, we created some beautiful Gemstone & Resin Art charcuterie servers. They had a variety of gemstone options available for students to choose from, they could purchase ahead of class at the venue.

Alcohol Ink Ornaments Workshop. Back in 2019, We ran a few workshops creating beautiful ornaments using alcohol inks. Examples in this photo are some I created in 2017.

Resin and Crushed Glass wall art workshop:

Get your creative juices going with this fun class using resin & crushed glass or crushed acrylic glass! Choose between a wave project or a stylized heart, in a wood framed plexi panel. Michele Donohue, will guide you through the process . All supplies included (if you’d like to add something personal like small seashells from your travels, bring it along, we can see if it can be included. Please Understand, depending on item, not all items can be added in one resin session ).


Below are casting resin workshops, that we are no longer adding to our scheduled programs....

however, if someone has a group of 3 or more people they'd like to register with, contact Mukluks and they can find a date to schedule the class in.

Gemstone Resin Casting Workshop

Do you love gemstones or have a friend who does? In this resin casting class, there will be a variety of gemstones options, to cast amongst other options, such as crushed glass, glass glitter, foil flakes, or iridescent flakes. Instructor Michele Donohue, will try to bring a variety of the smaller gemstones that can fit.

Photo below shows genuine gemstones (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Green Jasper, Tigers Eye, Hematite, Blue Quartz, Aqua Marine). If these types of gemstones are still available at class date, I will bring all these, plus I do have other options I will bring as well.

These can make such lovely gifts for weddings, birthdays, house warming gifts, or pieces for your friends, family or decor for your own home. Each person can make either A small pyramid (2 3/4"h), or a small ring holder, along with 4 round coasters. If you have small special gemstones, small crystals or small jewelry pieces (like a small costume jewelry broach) you'd like to include, bring them along, and "if" they're small enough, we can try to incorporate them.

Resin & Alcohol Ink Floral Bloom coaster workshops.

Orgonite resin casting workshop.

(We will not be adding this workshop on our regular schedules. However, if interested in this workshop, and you can gather 3-4 people who will sign up along with you, contact Mukluks to book a date, then we can proceed. )

In this class Michele Donohue will teach you how to make basic Orgonite pyramids (made with a minimum of 50% metal to resin ratio, and a quartz crystal). All supplies included. We will make a small, (roughly 3"h) pyramid, plus you will have extra resin to use for option to make more small orgonite pyramids (2", 1"), or we will have a variety of other mold shapes, you can choose from, to make Orgonite castings in as well. Other types of molds I can bring are, candle holder molds, mini turtle, snail, budha, dragonfly, skull molds, ladybug, mini heart molds, and many more. If we do book this class, I will likely check ahead with those who sign up, as to which molds to bring, as I can not bring all of the ones I have.

We keep the mold sizes smaller for workshops, so that the resin does not overheat from pouring too deeply in one layer. Michele will explain further details about overheating resins, in the workshop.


Ocean Vibe & Seashell Casting Resin Workshop (We will no longer be adding this workshop on our regular schedules. However, if interested in this workshop, and you can gather 3-4 people who will sign up with you, contact Mukluks to book a date, then we can proceed. )

In this class, instructed by Michele Donohue, we will be casting pieces with ocean vibes, using tinted casting resin with transparent tints, and adding a selection of of available seashells, pebbles, &/or crushed mother of Pearl crushed shells, and I'll bring along a few of my resin casted turtles for each person as well. These can make great gifts for your water loving friends, house warming gifts, or pieces for your own home. A small pyramid (2 3/4"h), along with 4 round coasters. Small seashells & pebbles will be provided, however if you have special ones you'd like to include, bring them along, and "if" they're small enough we can incorporate them in to your pieces.

Learn to use casting resin workshops, where everyone could choose from a variety of miscellaneous molds.

If you have an interest in any other types of resin workshops, send me a message via the contact page on this website with details, and I'll advise if we can work it into our schedule with Mukluk Magpies studio. Mukluks sometimes keeps a list of which other workshops people are interested in attending, so when there's enough interest, they will book a date.

If you'd like to have a private group class with between 4 - 8 people, contact Mukluks to see if it can be scheduled into their available dates.


Thank you for your interest in Workshops. Please feel free to message me, via website contact page, if you have any questions.


Michele Donohue

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