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Studio News - Mystique Exhibit

Updated: Feb 6

The Mystique Exhibit, is featuring an enchanting curation of my (Michele Donohue) art, currently on display for 3 months, in Edmonton until January 1, 2024. The Mystique exhibit was curated by Nora Salem, owner of Bud + Bloom studio, in Kingsway Mall.

Over these past 3 plus years, I have not had an opportunity to showcase any of my large wall art pieces, and especially in one setting. I am super grateful and thankful to Bud + Bloom studio, for the opportunity to display a variety of my art pieces in their beautiful studio. If you are in Edmonton, and plan to stop by the exhibit, please do check their website first, as their public studio hours are different then the mall hours.

The Mystique exhibit includes a varied and unique selection of original contemporary abstract wall art. There are numerous large resin wall art pieces, plus many glimmering genuine gemstone wall art pieces, a few minimalism style landscape pieces, some floral ink art pieces as well as some smaller textured gemstone with crystal & glass wall artwork. There are even a couple of side tray tables with my gemstone resin art available. They could be purchased in tandem with the wall artwork that has similar colours, for an entryway, lounging area, lobby or any setting you'd like to increase the elegance and energy vibes of the space.

Some of the larger wall art pieces can make incredible statement pieces, that can be suited for focal points in home, spa, office or commercial applications.

For the abstract pieces, a few of the pieces are already conveniently wired, with hardware that allows you to choose horizontal or vertical orientation. If there is an abstract piece that you need the hanging orientation changed on, any framing shop near you can do that for you. Or, if you can give us enough notice prior to pick up/shipping, we may be able to install it as well (contact me via website contact page).

Photos often do not do resin art justice, and the art does look more incredible in person, so if you have a chance to go see the exhibit, I'd love your feedback via the contact page here on my website.

If you can not make the exhibition, but are interested in purchasing one of the pieces on display, contact Nora at , and she can make shipping arrangements after payment (including shipping costs) has been made. If you are local to Edmonton, you can pick up the artwork in studio, or if you are local to Calgary, we can discuss arrangements for delivery once exhibition is done.

Here are the sizes (for easy reference) of the 27 pieces currently available and on exhibit, if you're interested in finding that perfect piece for a special area:

An 8'w x 4'h very large abstract resin wall art piece (Golden Galaxy)

A few 5'w x 30"h, large gemstone resin wall art pieces (Sunshine Aura & Copper Gaze)

A few 5'w x 24"h, large abstract resin wall art pieces (Rise Up & Golden Frequency)

A round 46" diameter, Genuine Gemstone wall art (Ornate Slate)

A diptych, 4' x 4' (2 pc are 48"h x 24"w each), large gemstone resin wall art (Shimmering)

A 28.25" w x 42.25"h, framed abstract minimalism landscape (Mountain Dawn)

A 36"h x 18"w medium size Genuine Gemstone wall art, (Black Pearl Soul)

A few 16" x 16" framed, abstract minimalism landscapes (Abyss 1 & Abyss 2)

5 pcs 18"w x 14.3"h framed abstract floral ink art pieces (Rose Cascade, Softly Spoken Rose, Cloudy Blossom, Wispy Blossom, Blossom Trio)

6 @ 12"w x 12"h genuine gemstone, crystal & glass wall art (Calm Strength, Harmonious Perception, Divine Amethyst, Sangria Garnet 1 & Sangria Garnet 2, Prosperity)

A few 12"h x 8"w genuine gemstone wall art pieces (Gold Rush 1, & Gold Rush 2)

A 10"w x 10"h genuine gemstone, crystal & glass wall art (Earthly Energy)

2 Tray Tables, 17.5" diameter x 21"h, with crystal & gemstone resin art (Black/Gold on black & Black/Copper on tan)

I hope you find a piece that resonates with you and your special space, or if you are interested in having a custom piece made especially designed and made for a specific area, please contact me via the contact page on my website.

To keep up to date on any of my new upcoming creations, please follow my social media pages, &/or subscribe to my email updates.

I post newly completed pieces on my Instagram and Facebook pages, and occasionally I'll post on my TikTok site. Not all pieces posted end up on my website. The Instagram page (being all visual images), is often easier to see a variety of pieces at a quick glance.

I am just about to start an email subscriber program, so if interested to see more info, please subscribe.

I will also be trying to post blogs more frequently here on my website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a message through my contact page.

Have a wonderful day.


Michele Donohue

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