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Michele Donohue, Artist


I enjoy creating art in many mediums. I initially worked with mainly acrylics, and then alcohol inks, and then added resin art. Many people assume when I say I create "resin art", that it's just a topcoat or layer of resin over other art or surface like a varnish.  Resin is used for top-coating too, but the type of resin art I fell in love with, is not just top-coating.  Resin art as I refer to it, is when you actually mix the coloured pigments into the epoxy resin, then create art with the pigmented resin.  I love adding layers upon layers of pigmented resin to create a piece.  The depth can be mesmerizing, and I love how a well done resin art piece can pull you in to stare at the layers of depth, that a camera never seems to be able to capture.  

I began experimenting with resin art around 2015, then I became obsessed and continued to learn with various resin techniques. Resin is full of numerous challenges, and learning curves, but I am passionate about experimenting with this medium. Sometimes I will utilize non-traditional painting techniques, combined with traditional techniques in my creative process, but mostly my quest is to continue to learn more ways to create with resin art. I cannot see myself tiring of the beauty and surprises that comes with the science of this art form. As an artist, I often like to push the limits in my art, and when I do, sometimes it's trouble (lol), and sometimes it allows me to produce the most incredible creations. It is an expensive medium to work with as well.  I find that over and over again when creating with resin, there is always more to learn and more to push for in that next level.  I also create various resin castings, which is another challenge using various other types of resins.


Michele Donohue - Biography

Michele is a Canadian artist, that creates with pigmented epoxy resins, acrylics and alcohol inks.  Michele’s art consists mainly of contemporary and abstract, and often adds gemstones or other textures for added beauty and interest. Michele most often finds her inspiration for her organic style, from things found in nature, colors, and active forms that mingle with each other to create waves of feelings. Her skillful use of colors is an element that allows free interpretation of her work, and her art takes on a life of its own. Michele hopes that each piece is a joy to view, and in some pieces, a source of meditation or harmony that comforts or intrigues the soul.​

Michele currently resides in Rocky View County (Balzac), Ab, and has lived in the Airdrie area since 1995. Michele grew up in Whitehorse, Yukon, until her family temporarily relocated to beautiful B.C.  Michele spent over 10 years in North Vancouver.  Then in 1988, Michele made a career move to Edmonton, and has remained in Alberta ever since. There's an old saying, "You can take the girl out of the Yukon, but you can’t take the Yukon out of the girl”, and that’s held true for Michele regardless of where she resides.

Michele enjoyed the innocent fun, nature & true wilderness of growing up in the North.  She also reminisces often of friendships and the scenic ocean in Vancouver, but she is content, comfortable & happy living in the sunny prairies. Michele is married, with a family of two children and the most loveable dog.​​​​


Michele is mostly self-taught, but used to participate in numerous types & styles of art classes & workshops. Michele has been creating and painting for over 30 years. A fond memory & inspiration for Michele from earlier years, was the very kind & helpful high school art teacher, Artist, Ted Harrison. Decades later, Michele has found her passion & niche in the world of abstract art. Constantly enjoying experimenting with different techniques, and occasionally different mediums through her artistic journey.


After falling love with fluid art style, Michele became more passionate about continuing experimenting with that style.  She often utilizes non-traditional painting techniques, combined with traditional techniques in her creative process. Her creations often include resin as her medium mixed with pigments, micas, acrylics & inks.  

Michele's work can be found on her website, as well as in a few gift shop galleries mentioned on her website.

If you have any questions, please reach out via my website contact page. 

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