Donated To Urban Clean Living Mother’s Day Giveaway. Cheese Board Teal Waves On Acacia W Metal Handle

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Donated To Urban Clean Living Mother’s Day Giveaway.    

Layered Teal waves, on acacia wood cheese board. 

14 1/2” x 11 1/2” x 1/2”d

Unique food server (can also be an island centrepiece), for any occasion & especially when entertaining. Wonderful  gift idea for people who enjoy entertaining. For gift giving you can add an extra touch, with addition of cheese & crackers, & bottle of wine with your gift.

Care of your piece:  clean with a damp cloth (l like to use microfibre cloths). Never immerse timber (wood cheese boards) in water (no dishwashers) . You can set it in an empty sink (with no water in it), & use the spray nozzle from your tap to get all areas of the board clean. Use regular dish soap & water. Soft scrubs (the kind you use on a glass stove top), are fine for removing any stubborn food. If your piece has gemstones, a gentle toothbrush can be used to clean textured areas. 

Once clean, The timber board can be wiped down with food grade mineral oil, avocado or vegetable oil (don’t use food oils that can go rancid), occasionally & as needed to keep wood conditioned. Resin is FDA compliant, however cutting directly on resin is not recommended. 

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