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Sweet Serenity

Available @ Mukluk Magpies Studio, Airdrie
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Sweet Serenity (triptych) 

36”w x 36”h (3 panels each are 12”w) x 5/8”d on birch wood panels. 

Ocean vibes & beach waves! 

Texture added with real sand, pebbles & real seashells.  There are several layers of resin art, including slight textured resin wave layers. 

There is something about a beach that is so soothing, & a peaceful calm comes over you. 

Even When you can’t be there in person, sometimes the appearance of the ocean may be psychologically soothing all on its own. 

The visual of waves and imagining hearing the sound of the waves on the shore, and your feet in the sand with a gentle breeze that brings a scent of salt water, can be a lovely stress release, mood lifter (& even potentially reduce some anxiety). 

Great for an office, commercial space, spa, bedroom, bathroom or anywhere. 

All my wall artwork comes with hanging hardware & picture wire (rated for weight of the piece), already mounted. 

Clean resin art using a wet micro fibre cloth, then polish dry with a glass micro fibre polishing/drying cloth (or soft cloth). 

As will all original artwork, resin art should also not be placed in direct sunlight. 


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