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Orgonite Pyramid 6”h Red, Crystal Quartz W Copper Tensors & Feet SOLD

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Orgonite pyramid-  6”h (15.24cm) x 5 1/3”w (13.46cm) 

with transparent red tint, 4 Crystal Quartz stones, plus two copper tensor rings, & metal shavings of aluminum, with layer of brass above and a layer of brass below the aluminum, a pinch of tourmaline sand, and pinch of garnet sand and copper feet. 

Colours may vary due to resolution of computer/ phone screens.

Each piece is individually hand crafted, (not machine made), so there may be minor imperfections.


Orgonite works on an energetic level, & is said to help convert negative energy to positive, along with decreasing emf around it.  Orgonite is said to be proactive and preventive. Orgonite is said to not only neutralize negative vibrations. They are often used along with other natural, holistic, homeopathic, reiki, feng shui, message therapy, crystal & other healing modalities. 

Some consider it a pseudoscientific concept, however many find it to be an added benefit where energy in our environments & systems are concerned.  Life energy often referred to as chi, prana & aether often like to use helpful tools to aid with positive energies. 

The key to true & basic Orgonite, are a combination of a minimum of 50% metal, crystal(s) & resin. 


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