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Orgonite Cheops 8 sided 3.75”h x 4.75”w purple blue

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Orgonite Cheops 8 sided Pyramid. Apex has glow in dark triquetra. Middle has crystal Quartz and lots of metal. Base has Torus Orgonite medallion made with brass and crystal Quartz, surrounded by a copper tensor ring, kyanite, hematite, and 4 copper feet.

Great energy in this 8 sided Cheops pyramid Orgonite, with glow in the dark triquetra near apex over galena crystals. Quartz crystal added in metal layer. Metal layers included are Aluminum, stainless steel, and copper. Various tints of purples and blues. Base has kyanite stone in centre, with 4 hematite stones, surrounded by a copper tensor ring, and finished with 4 copper feet. 

Solfeggio frequencies were played during creation process. 

3.75”h x 4.75”w 

1 lb 6oz (612g)

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