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Black Pearl Soul, 36” X 18”

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Gemstone art. Abstract Resin wall art.

“Black Pearl Soul”, Resin art, 36"w (91.4cm) x 18"h (45.7cm) on birch wood panel. This earthy vibe & coloured piece, is loaded with gemstones.

A large Quartz crystal cluster, is surrounded by tumbled crystal Quartz, 3 citrine points, 3 selenite sticks, & 2 labradorite stones. Below the quartz crystal cluster (when piece is in horizontal orientation), is tumbled hematite and pyrite stones, gold sheen obsidian, tigers eye stones, and mini tourmaline stones in the branches coming from the root cluster. Above the quartz crystal cluster (when piece is in horizontal orientation), is 4 raw tourmaline chunks, small pyrite, then going into the branches are mini hematite stones, and mini citrine stones. There is also bits of clear mica flakes between each of the branches at the root cluster.

This piece has hanging hardware mounted, for options of either vertical or horizontal orientation.

All my wall artwork comes with hanging hardware & picture wire (rated for weight of the piece), already mounted.

Clean resin art using a wet micro fibre (or soft) cloth, then polish dry with a glass micro fibre polishing/drying cloth (or soft cloth). Where there is textured areas, you can use canned air (non residue compressed air, such as the type used to clean computer keyboards) to blow off any dust.

As with all original artwork, resin art should also not be placed in direct sunlight.


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