Bath Caddy, Gold, White & Silver With 3 Genuine Crystal Quartz Clusters & Crushed Glass (on Sale)

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Have a luxurious spa setting in your own tub to pamper yourself & relax. Make your day special. 

This unique, one-of-kind, pretty bath caddy has 4 layers of resin art, in golds, silver & whites. Sturdy silver handles make it easy to lift off & on tub. The resin art has been created on a solid maple board. 

Dimensions are 36”l x 9”w.  ***Note:  It is important to check tub width dimensions where bath caddy will sit, to see if it will fit. 

The tablet/iPad device slot is a general size, & all devices may not fit securely. Adding a case might help. User is responsible to check & stabilize device before use in tub. If device does not fit securely, a different device holder may be required: 

User is responsible to ensure bath caddy is secure over tub so it doesn’t fall into tub while in use. There are many different tub sizes, with varying top ledge widths, so there will be support blocks provided with bath caddy, that can be Velcro’d on the bottom (underside) of the bath caddie. The blocks are to help stabilize the bath caddy. The blocks need to be set in place by user, to fit the inside edge of each side of the tub, to aid in preventing bath caddy from slipping. (Directions & Velcro will be sent with the blocks). 

The resin decorated bath caddy should never be submerged in water. If it slips, dry the caddy off thoroughly as soon as possible. It can be wiped clean & dried using microfibre cleaning cloths.  

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